10 Best Acoustic Guitar In India Under 10000 In [2021]- A Detailed Review

Are you looking for the Best Acoustic Guitar in India under 10000? Then look no further as you are on the correct page. In this blog, we will offer you with extensive knowledge about the top acoustic guitars under Rupees 10,000 in depth. By studying this article, you will not have any problem choosing the right guitar for you. Nowadays, you might have many options while selecting any musical instrument, but finding the right one for you can get tricky.

Especially in the case of Acoustic guitars, there are various aspects that one must notice while shopping. Rupees 10,000 might be a modest sum of money while shopping for a guitar but let us be honest, and it is not a meagre sum in general. That is why you should buy the perfect guitar for yourself while paying attention to many details. Some of the critical things to look out for a while purchasing the said musical instrument are its weight, warranty, pickup, amplifier, etc.

In case you are a beginner, you might get scared by hearing the different aspects of an Acoustic guitar. But do not worry, we will try our best to acquire the best acoustic guitar in India under 10k. You must remember, everyone starts their musical journey somewhere. So, you should not be scared to buy your first musical instrument, only because you do not have ample knowledge about it.

Along with product reviews, we have also included an exhaustive buyer’s guide in this blog. By studying the manual, you will gain a lot of knowledge about the world of Acoustic guitar. Not only beginners, but professional players will also gain new information about their favourite instruments. Moreover, Acoustic guitars come in different types. Many people might not know this, but choosing the correct device can help your musical career a lot.

Even if you are not a professional, playing an Acoustic guitar can soothe you a lot. If you only want to play the guitar for yourself, we suggest you follow this blog and buy the Best Acoustic Guitar in India under 10000 for you. So, without wasting much time, let us delve into the world of music right now.

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Best Acoustic Guitars in India- Thorough Review

The following guitars mentioned in this blog are quite popular among musicians. Even if you are a beginner, you will love the following instruments.

Complete List of Top 10 Best Acoustic Guitar in India Under 10000 Rs. In 2021

  • Fender Squier SA-150 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar
  • Yamaha F280 Acoustic Guitar
  • Ibanez MD39C 39 inch Cutaway Acoustic Guitar
  • Hertz HZA 4010 Aoustic Guitar Natural
  • Kadence Frontier Jumbo Semi Acoustic Guitar
  • Givson Crown Standard CRST-N 6-String Cutaway Right Hand Acoustic Guitar with Bag
  • Fender SA 135C 39 Inch 6 String Cutaway Acoustic Guitar
  • Yamaha F310, 6-Strings Acoustic Guitar
  • JUAREZ JRZ38C Right Handed Acoustic Guitar
  • Henrix PRO 38 Inch 6 String Cutaway Acoustic Guitar-Natural

1) Fender Squier SA-150 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

Fender Squier is a great company that has been producing high-quality musical instruments at a reasonable price. That is why it is not astonishing that they manufactured the SA-150 model of Acoustic guitar at such a low cost for their users. This guitar is pretty famous for producing rich sound quality. Many people consider it to be the best acoustic guitar in India under 10000 rupees. When you learn about this product, you too will fall in love with it.

Firstly, this guitar comes in Dreadnought body type, and it is the most popular body style among Acoustic guitars. With six strings, the instrument allows you to play a variety of music without any difficulty. The most common reason why musicians love Dreadnought body type is that these categories of guitars can be played from every kind of musician. The entirety of this instrument is laminated, and that is why you will be able to use it for a long time.

The front of this guitar is made with Lindenwood, and its sides and back are created with Mahogany. As the neck of this instrument is pretty slim, it is relatively easy to play. The strings of this guitar are made of steel, so they do not get damaged easily. You will notice that even after playing for many years, this instrument remain untouched.

  • The guitar looks elegant.
  • The lamination of the product makes it exceptionally water-resistant.
  • It offers excellent value for money.
  • It offers a genuinely good sound quality.
  • No cons found

2) Yamaha F280 Acoustic Guitar

When to the best acoustic guitar in India under 10k rupees, Yamahas name comes on top as it is one of the globally famous companies. The F280 model by Yamaha does not disappoint at all. Even though this guitar is great for almost anyone, it would be even more useful to you if you are a beginner. If you are only starting your musical journey, Yamaha Acoustic guitar will help you a lot. Firstly, the entire instrument is made of Rosewood and Spruce Plywood. These materials make the product both beautiful and robust.

This guitar has a length of 40.5 inches, and most musicians play it with ease. The most efficient part about this product is that you will have no problem playing with it for more than ten years due to its durable quality. This instrument will allow you to learn all the necessary guitar chords without any problem with six strings. Even the neck of this guitar is made of Rosewood, which is why it is quite sturdy. You will see that even after practising on it for years, its neck will not get bent.

The glossy lamination of the instrument helps it remain water-resistant. However, the backside of this product does not have a glossy lamination. The sound quality produced by this product is so good that you will be able to do tuning pretty efficiently.

  • The product offers excellent value for money.
  • Affordable guitar with a great brand value.
  • It is quite suitable for novices.
  • It produces robust sound quality.
  • No cons found

3) Ibanez MD39C 39 inch Cutaway Acoustic Guitar

In case you want to buy the best acoustic guitar in India under 10000 rupees, then the Ibanez MD39C NT is an excellent option for you. One of the main reasons why so many people love this model is that Ibanez offers this instrument to buyers at a reasonable price despite being such a renowned brand. With so many exclusive features, it is genuinely surprising that the product is so cheap. Apart from producing outstanding sound quality, this instrument is quite sturdy as well.

The outer body of the guitar is made of Rosewood that helps in making it so durable. Moreover, the material makes the guitar looks quite gorgeous as well. As the guitar’s size is only 39 inches, you will have no problem playing it even if you are comparatively smaller. If you notice this product closely, you will see that a truss rod is present in the Fretboard of the product and that is why your fingers will not pain after practising your skills on it for some time.

One of the most efficient specifications of this guitar is that it is completely water-resistant. That is why many professional musicians bring it around while touring outdoors. You will be pleased to gain the knowledge that this guitar remains pretty new after years of usage due to its fantastic finishing. Apart from all the features, this product also comes with a sturdy hard case that helps you protect your instrument for a long time.

  • It has an excellent cutaway design.
  • The glossy finish genuinely catches everyone’s eyes.
  • It comes with six strings.
  • The product is water-resistant.
  • No cons found

4) Hertz HZA 4010 Aoustic Guitar Natural

If you want to get the best acoustic guitar in India under 10k, Hertz’s HZA 4010 model should be on your list. This is one of the most cheap and efficient musical instruments that you will get at the asked price. With a soundboard made of Rosewood, this guitar is not only stylish but pretty durable also. Moreover, the instrument looks even classier because of its glossy lamination. By playing this, you will genuinely stand out in the crowd.

Usually, people this guitar to practice as a beginner. It is truly a great instrument to start your musical journey. One of the best things about this product is its strings. As the strings of the guitar are made of steel, you can be assured that they will remain untouched for a long time. Guitars with nylon strings usually get loose and hinder your playing capability. On the other hand, Hertz’s acoustic guitar allows you to play efficiently due to the high-quality strings.
Apart from all the fantastic features, this product is relatively lightweight and helps you carry it wherever you go. The instrument is so easy to maintain that you will not even have to be a guitar expert to do that. Lastly, the sound quality produced by this guitar is quite powerful. You will hear the difference right after using it.

  • This instrument is relatively easy to maintain.
  • It looks quite classy.
  • The product is pretty portable.
  • It produces good sound quality.
  • No cons found

5) Kadence Frontier Jumbo Semi Acoustic Guitar

With a variety of excellent features, the Jumbo Semi-Acoustic guitar by Kadence is a perfect choice if you are planning to buy the best acoustic guitar in India under 10000 rupees. This instrument is an ideal choice with a sleek and sophisticated design if you appear for your first ever show. The jet black colour of this guitar makes it look classy and beautiful. Apart from being visibly gorgeous, this guitar is pretty durable too. As the entire body is made of Rosewood, you can be assured of its durability. Many users have successfully played this guitar for more than ten years.

As this guitar’s size is 41 inches, it is usually played by adults or children over the age of 14 years. It will not be a good idea for smaller kids to use this guitar to learn to play. The most glowing feature of this instrument is its strings. As all the strings contain an excellent coating of film, you can stay assured that they will not rust over time. Moreover, the sturdy strings help in keeping your fingers stress-free. Unlike other guitars, the strings of this guitar will not pain your fingers over continual playing.

One of the most effective features of this guitar is its adjustable neck. There are not many guitars available in the market that allows you to adjust their necks, but this model of Acoustic guitar by Kadence helps you do that. This feature of this instrument helps in maintaining your posture. Moreover, your hands will be able to rest appropriately while playing this guitar.

  • This product comes with an adjustable neck.
  • It is partly electric and partly Acoustic guitar.
  • The product is pretty versatile.
  • It is quite affordable.
  • No cons found

6) Givson Crown Standard CRST-N 6-String Cutaway Right Hand Acoustic Guitar with Bag

If you want to buy the best acoustic guitar in India under 10k, you should consider the Givson Crown CRSTN6 cutaway Acoustic guitar. As this product has a soundboard made of Rosewood, you will notice that it looks pretty classy. Moreover, this instrument is made of Toon wood that offers a unique look to it. The cutaway design of the guitar helps you stand out in a crowd. If you have an upcoming show, this guitar will help you improve your screen presence.

With a length of 40 inches, this guitar is pretty portable. Both adults and teenagers can use it. Due to its mobile nature, many musicians carry it throughout different parts of the world. If you notice closely, you will see that the guitar has a gorgeous design. Moreover, the glossy lamination makes it pretty noticeable.

This product comes with the instrument and the carry bag, guitar cover, and pick. All the accessories provided within the packaging are of high quality.

  • The guitar is genuinely beautiful.
  • It is pretty sturdy.
  • It offers good value for money.
  • This product is only for right-handers.
  • Its strings are not that sturdy.

7) Fender SA 135C 39 Inch 6 String Cutaway Acoustic Guitar

If you want to get the best acoustic guitar in India under 10000 that is genuinely efficient, then the SA 135C model of Acoustic guitar by Fender is an excellent option for you. As the product comes with a hardwood fretboard, you can be assured that it is genuinely sturdy. Most musicians use this guitar for concerts as it looks classy and produces robust sound quality. Moreover, the guitar has a laminated soundboard that makes it water-resistant.

The most efficient part about this item is that it comes with a case with backpack straps. By buying this instrument, you will get to carry it where ever you want without any hassle. As the bag is created of nylon, it will effectively protect your guitar from outer interferences like rainfall or dust.

As the size of this guitar is only 39 inches, it can be used by almost everyone. Due to its portable nature, it is straightforward to carry. That is why many renowned musicians use this guitar during their musical trips.

  • The item comes with a carry bag and a beginner’s guide.
  • The guitar is genuinely beautiful.
  • The hardwood finish makes it quite sturdy.
  • It is relatively easy to play.
  • No cons found

8) Yamaha F310, 6-Strings Acoustic Guitar

The F130 model of Acoustic guitar from Yamaha is an excellent product if you think about buying the best acoustic guitar in India under 10k. This instrument is prevalent among both seasoned guitar players as well as beginners. The most effective part about this guitar is that you will get to play a wide range of music by using this. Many intermediate guitar players use this while playing in front of people. This product’s sound quality is so good that you will genuinely fall in love with it. While playing this instrument, you will not believe that it is so affordable.

With six acoustic strings, you will get to play the music of your choice pretty quickly. As Rosewood and spruce mostly create the instrument, you will notice it is pretty sturdy. Most musicians have confessed that tuning this instrument is extremely easy.

Overall, this product is not merely a classy instrument, but it is genuinely a great guitar to overcome your stage-fright.

  • This product is quite durable.
  • It helps you with tuning.
  • The guitar is quite beautiful.
  • It has sturdy strings.
  • No cons found

9) JUAREZ JRZ38C Right Handed Acoustic Guitar

When the talk of buying the best acoustic guitar in India under 10000 rupees, Juarez cannot be left behind as it is one of the most renowned acoustic guitar brands in India. The JRZ38 model of Acoustic guitar by Juarez is an excellent product for beginner guitar players. It is even perfect for those who play the guitar at an intermediate level. As the design of this instrument is so trendy, most younger users prefer it over other guitars.

The efficient part about this guitar is its sound quality. At the given price, the sound quality offered by the instrument is almost unbelievable. As the neck of this guitar is not that long, usually younger users buy this. The thin strings of this model help the fingers of the users to remain pain-free. As these strings are made of steel, they help your fingers stay pain-free even after prolonged playing.

Apart from all the specifications mentioned above, you will get to do the tuning pretty quickly by using this guitar. A novice player has difficulty in doing the fine-tuning of their instrument. By using this guitar, you will not feel scared at all.

  • The guitar looks pretty sophisticated.
  • It is excellent for new learners.
  • The product is quite sturdy.
  • This guitar is not for left-handers.
  • It is not suitable for creating high-quality sound.

10) Henrix PRO 38 Inch 6 String Cutaway Acoustic Guitar-Natural

With an advanced design and a dual-action truss rod, Henrix Pro cutaway acoustic guitar is undoubtedly the best acoustic guitar in India under 10k rupees. These unique features of this instrument allow its users to adjust its action pretty easily. The accessible design of the product made it popular among both professional and beginner players. You will be surprised to know that you will have no problem changing the direction of its neck by playing this guitar.

Even after continuous usage for several hours, the Pro acoustic guitar model by Henrix allows musicians to play without any hindrance. The sound quality does not get altered at all even after a long time. This instrument comes with picks, straps, a carry bag, a case, and an extra set of strings. By buying this, you will even get a string winder.

Despite having so many features, this product is pretty easy to carry. That is why many professional guitar players choose this to accept it around during tours.

  • The instrument is relatively easy to carry.
  • It is quite affordable.
  • It is genuinely sturdy.
  • It comes with a lot of accessories.
  • No cons found
Our Recommendation
All the guitars included in this blog are great, but if you ask for our recommendation, we would suggest the Henrix 38 C Cutaway Acoustic guitar. This guitar is undoubtedly the Best Acoustic Guitar in India under 10000 because it is durable, produces excellent sound quality, comes with many different accessories, helps in fine-tuning, and portable. As the asked price, this guitar is genuinely a bargain. Especially if you are a young learner, you will love this model by Henrix.

Tips to Consider While Shopping for Acoustic Guitars

Buying the Best Acoustic Guitar in India under 10000 is not an easy task. With so many different options, finding the correct instrument for you has become even more difficult. That is why this guide will be a life-saver for you. In this part of this blog, you will get all the related information regarding Acoustic guitars. We have included this guide not to get lost while shopping for the perfect guitar for you.

1) Construction of the guitar

To understand the construction of Acoustic guitars, you will have to know the different parts of the instruments. There is two primary part of an Acoustic guitar that includes the neck and the body. Other essential aspects of the instrument are Fretboard, pickguard, bridge pic, binding, and others. Still, without a good neck or a body, you will never be able to smoothly use your Acoustic guitar.

#The neck of the guitar

Unlike electric guitars, Acoustic guitars have their necks glued to their bodies. If your guitar’s neck is not strong, it will bow and twist due to prolonged usage. Moreover, the neck contains the metal truss of the instrument. That is why guitars that are not up to the mark twist and bow because the metal truss inside their necks cannot hold the structure after a few years. Other vital parts that can be seen on the guitar’s neck are the fingerboard, frets, headstock, and others.

Usually, it is always suggested to musicians to buy a guitar with an ebony or rosewood fretboard. By purchasing an acoustic guitar with the said fretboards, you will use it for a longer time. Also, study the frets of the potential guitar before buying it as it will help you compose music more easily. The headstock is the essential part of the neck of your guitar. Without the headstock, you will not be able to change the pitch of your instrument.

#Body of the guitar

An acoustic guitar’s body is another critical aspect that you should consider to buy the best acoustic guitar in India under 10k rupees. Usually, the body of an Acoustic guitar is known as the soundboard. There are two parts of the soundboard, namely the upper bout and lower bout. Both of these areas are quite essential while buying an Acoustic guitar.

Moreover, the bridge of the guitar is also located on its body. This is the part where the strings of the instrument are located. While shopping for your guitar, you should always study its body closely. The body is the most critical aspect of buying an excellent Acoustic guitar.

2) Different body styles of Acoustic guitars

There are some important categories of Acoustic guitars that depend on their body styles. Professional musicians choose different varieties of these instruments because they are best for playing in other venues. Some of the popular types are explained below.

#Concert guitars

These acoustic guitars have a lower bout length of approximately 13 inches, and they are best for comparatively smaller musicians. In case you are a novice, it will be better for you if you buy this type of Acoustic guitar. These categories of guitars also come in 14 inches of length. They are quite well-known for producing superior sound quality.


One of the most commonly used Acoustic guitars, Dreadnought is a great choice to buy the Best Acoustic Guitar in India under 10000. As these are incredibly popular, you will not have any problem finding this category of guitar at your price range. These guitars are known for producing a powerful sound.


Cutaways are the body styles of some acoustic guitars that help players reach the frets located in the guitar’s upper part. Not only do these guitars look good, but they are relatively easy to use also. The upper bout of this instrument has a cutaway feature that allows you to play it easily. Many renowned musicians use these categories of guitars for their performances.


Another famous Acoustic guitar for beginners is the Mini-Acoustic one. These are usually used by small children or people who travel frequently. As these guitars are smaller than other popular instruments, many professionals buy these to travel easily.

3) Quality of the guitar

While speaking about the quality of the best acoustic guitar in India under 10k, you should always consider the material of its body, its strings, and its FretboardFretboard.

While shopping for Acoustic guitars, you will notice two different categories pretty evidently. Most of these guitars have either solid soundboard or laminated soundboard. Many people might suggest you buy the guitars with a solid soundboard, but in case you are a new learner, you should stick with guitars with a laminated body. Firstly, a beginner will not know the difference between the sound quality produced by a stable and laminated body. Secondly, laminated bodied-guitars are way more affordable than instruments with a solid body. We should mention that professional musicians will love the guitars with a solid body more as they produce more powerful sound quality than laminated bodied-guitars.

Another confusing aspect, while choosing your Acoustic guitar will arise when you see different string qualities. You will notice many Acoustic guitars come with nylon strings, while others come with steel strings. Now, nylon strings are usually used by those musicians who play flamenco-style music or folk music. Whereas, steel strings are operated by rock or pop musicians. You should choose the guitar depending on the type of music you play.

We have already talked about the body of the guitar. You know that they come in laminated and solid form. But the material of the guitar body is available in different woods. Some of the common materials used for creating Acoustic guitars are cedar, ebony, Mahogany, Maple, Rosewood, and others. In case you are a new player, you should not get confused by the said materials. Instead, you should stick to the guitars that are cheaper than the others. But if you are a professional player, you should buy the instrument depending on the type of music you play. For example, if you are a country music player, you should stick to the guitars made of Mahogany. Or, if you are a classical guitar player, you should get the one made of cedar.

4) Checking the guitar thoroughly

To know if a guitar is perfect for you, it is always necessary to check it thoroughly. Even if you are buying it online, you should check the things mentioned in this part of this guide to know if you want to keep it or return it. A great way to know if your instrument is of top-notch quality is by knocking it. Usually, if an echoing sound is produced, it is determined that the guitar will have great bass.

Always notice the distance between eh FretboardFretboard and the strings of the guitar. This distance is known as the action of the guitar. It will always be better for you if the guitar action is low. In case the action is high, you will have difficulty in playing it. Another essential aspect that you should notice while shopping for the Best Acoustic Guitar in India under 10000 is its intonation. If you do not know what the intonation of a guitar means, you should know that it is the instrument’s tuning. A guitar with good intonation will allow you to play different chords at ease. In case a guitar has bad intonation, the changing of chords will make it difficult for you to play it properly.

5) Brand Value of the Instrument

A guitar is an expensive item. As you will use it for a long time, it is always a good idea for you to get the instrument belonging from a high-quality brand. Usually, a guitar with brand value comes with a warranty for one or two years. If your instrument incurs any difficulty during the said time frame, you will repair it without any cost. You might notice that the products with higher brand value might be a bit expensive. Even though these instruments might cost you more money right now, you will save money in the long run. Quite often, guitars from unknown brands get damaged within a few months, and users have no other option than repairing them by spending a large sum of money. Especially if you are a guitar student, you should stick with renowned brands as the chance of damaging your guitar is a lot more in your case.

In this buyer’s guide, we have mentioned a lot of different information regarding Acoustic guitars. By studying this, you will have no problem in deciding the right guitar for yourself. It is always a better idea to keep all the points mentioned above in your mind while shopping for Acoustic guitars.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Acoustic Guitars Under 10000

1) How will one buy a durable Acoustic guitar?

Ans. Nowadays, you will find a massive variety of options while choosing Acoustic guitars. Although among the said instruments, most of them are incredibly cheap. Not only are they not sturdy, but they will make you spend more money in the long run. A great way to buy a good-quality Acoustic guitar is by checking the instrument’s tuning, body style and material, and sound quality. It will also be better for you in the long run if you get a guitar with brand-value.

2) What is the best category of Acoustic guitar?

Ans. Although there are different categories of Acoustic guitars available in the market right now, Dreadnought guitars are quite useful. Not only these guitars are versatile, but also, they look good. As these guitars help you balance them quickly, you will be able to play them pretty easily. These are the most popular Acoustic guitars.

3) What is the perfect time to start learning Acoustic guitar?

Ans. Many people believe that everybody should learn to play the guitar at a young age, but this is not essentially true. You can be 50 and start playing the guitar. Everything depends on your ability to learn. A good teacher and daily practice can help you become a good guitar player at any age. In the case of Acoustic guitar, this is even more relevant.

4) What is the correct amount of time that one must practise the guitar every day?

Ans. After buying the Best Acoustic Guitar in India under 10000, make it your motto to practice it at least 15 minutes a day. But you must consider that you do not practice it for more than 1 hour per day. For beginners, daily practice is even more necessary.

5) Can one learn to play the guitar by themselves?

Ans. Due to the availability of a tonne of tutorials on different things, teaching oneself almost anything is possible. The same goes for Acoustic guitars. If you are a beginner and think about where to start learning how to play the instrument, then look no further, open up a good guitar learning tutorial and start the process. It might take you some time to start playing your guitar efficiently, but it will happen. In this age of the internet, nothing is impossible.

6) How many days does it take for one to become accustomed to guitar strings?

Ans. For the first few days of learning to play the guitar, your fingers will pain to some extent, but you will feel fine after a few days. Even though it depends from person to person, but it takes two to four weeks for your fingers to get accustomed to guitar strings.

7) What category of Acoustic guitar is the best if one wants to play fuller sound?

Ans. If you get a guitar with lighter strings, you will be able to produce a fuller sound while playing it. These strings have way lesser tension than other Acoustic guitars. Usually, beginners get these guitars to play smoothly.

8) What are the primary Acoustic guitar chords?

Ans. While knowing to play the guitar, you will realise that there are five primary chords that you will have to play over and over again. They are C major, E major, A major, D major, and G major. By adjusting the versions of these chords, you will be able to produce excellent music. Your first goal as a guitar student will be to learn these chords by heart.

9) What are the most essential guitar accessories one needs?

Ans. There are different accessories that one needs to play the guitar. Even if you buy the Best Acoustic Guitar in India under 10000, you will require some of these accessories to swiftly play the instrument. Some of them are straps, cables, hard case, tuners, gig bags, capo, slides, and others.

10) For how many years will an acoustic guitar last?

Ans. Acoustic guitars last for a long time. Even if you buy a cheaper model, it will last for at least ten years. In more expensive instruments, they will last for more than thirty years if maintained properly.

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